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Ottawa-Hull Region Speed Trap Report

In the Ottawa-Hull region, you will deal with four kinds of law enforcement officers. They all have their enforcement zones and rarely they will exceed their boundaries unless they are on a hot chase. Here are their rough jurisdictions:

Of the above four, the most obnoxious is the OPP. Almost all of their highway patrol vehicles don't have a light bar on the roof, and about half of them are unmarked. The common unmarked ones include Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Lumina and Chevrolet Impala (FWD). Look for darkly tinted windows and huge antennas. The RCMP uses Chevrolets almost exclusively while the OCRP have a large number of Ford Crown Victorias, and a small number of Chevy Impalas and Luminas. The unmarked ones are usually Crown Vics and Impalas. The RCMP and OCRP are not always on speed trap duties because they have lots of other tasks to do, while when you encounter an OPP it is very likely that he is tracking your speed. Motorists beware.

Last updated: October 27, 2003.

Meadowlands Drive , almost the entire stretch of this road. The street is posted at 40km/h but traffic usually moves at 60, unless weather condition is very bad. From the section between Fisher Ave and Merivale Road, the eastbound side has room for parking and you should keep an eye out for cops there. From the section between Merivale Road and Woodroffe Ave, westbound side has room for parking but it has been reported that cops love to use both sides. A portable radar unit on tripod is always used, with the cop car hiding in a side street or tight parking spot.

Moodie Drive , Bells Corners. The section where the speed limit suddenly changes from 80km/h to 60km/h constitutes a good trap (Near highway 417 and Richmond/Robertson Road). Traffic routinely moves at 90+ in the 80 zone and rarely slows down to 60 when the limit changes.

Highway 16 , just South of Prince of Wales Drive. A cop using a hand-held radar unit in a patrol car was seen hiding in a corner where the speed limit changes from 60km/h to 50km/h. On this section of the highway traffic routinely moves at 80+.

Centrepointe Drive , entire section. It is a wide, smoothly paved residential street with parking on both sides. Speed limit is posted at 40km/h but traffic usually moves at 60+. It has been reported that unmarked patrol cars were used, a plain white Ford Crown Victoria.

Somerset Street , the section near Preston Street and the bridge to Wellington Street. It is a downtown area so speeds should be low, but watch your speed when you crest the hill the moment you come off the bridge. Enforcement is mostly at night since there is nobody to trap during daylight rush hours.

Hunt Club Road , a very modern, smooth and wide road built for large volume of traffic. Speed limit is posted at 80km/h on each end, with the middle section (roughly between Bank Street and Riverside Drive) posted at 60km/h. 80km/h is a reasonable limit on this road, but the sudden change to 60 will catch the unwary motorists.

Highway 417 West , near Corel Centre, Kanata. A cop was spotted using a laser gun clocking motorists. LIDAR has been recently picked up by the Ontario Provincial Police.

Highway 417 West , at Maitland Avenue on/off ramp. A motorcycle cop is stationed on the overpass, using LIDAR to nab motorists while OPP patrol units wait on the onramp to chase down speeders. Same tactics were also reported near Woodroffe Avenue ramp.

Highway 417/174 East , near the Y-split to 417 East and 174 East. Expect a cop car parked facing traffic, shining radar waves all over them.

Highway 416 , a newly built 4-lane highway to replace the old Highway 16. Speed limit is posted at the usual 100km/h, but motorists are often tempted to try their car's top speed there because the surface is so smooth and traffic is so scarce. DON'T. It has been reported that cops catch anyone who is above 115km/h. Can you pronounce "robbery"? Enforcement is mostly concentrated near the intersection with Highway 417. Slow down as you come near Ottawa. A dark gray new model Crown Victoria unmarked police car, a marked slick top and an unmarked burgandy Chevrolet Lumina were seen at one time with three unlucky motorists. Oh, it was sunny and +10C degrees out.

Smyth Road and Main Street , limit posted at 50km/h but motorists usually move at 70. Cops love to ticket people during morning rush hours.

Catherine and Isabella , limit posted at 50km/h but 80 seems to be the common speed on this stretch.

Autoroute 5, Hull , a four-lane divided highway with limit posted at 100km/h. Consider setting your cruise control way below 115km/h because anything close would get you in trouble.

Woodroffe Avenue , near Nepean Sportsplex and Slack road. Be careful especially when you are north bound, as the speed limit change from 80km/h to 60km/h will catch the unwary.

Bank Street and Walkley Road near Riverside Drive , usually every second day. Motorcycle police with radar at Southmore tracking eastbound and again just past the bridge past McCarthy Road catching westbound traffic.

Woodroffe Avenue , south bound after exit of Queensway towards Baseline Road. A tripod with laser on sidewalk with motorcycle units hidden in a side street.

Eagleson Road , north bound just south of Hazeldean. Officer with laser on tripod and a group of chase vehicles hidden in side street (now a very popular strategy).

*new*Carling Avenue , west of Bayshore and westbound all the way to the Moodie Drive intersection. Posted limit is 60km/h. The east bound lane is justifiably so because of houses on the side, but the west bound lane is wide open and usually moves close to 90km/h. Motorcycle cop hidden in Rockypointe Drive, using laser.

*new*Maitland Avenue/Clyde Avenue , South bound past the 417 off ramp. Just before the bend which joins Clyde and Baseline. Motorcyle cops hidden in parking lot.

*new*Woodroffe Avenue , north bound just right after the 417 off ramp. Limit is 50km/h and a school zone.

*new*Woodroffe Avenue , north bound just before Hunt Club. Not a speed trap per se, but nonetheless a trap. On certain mornings, the police will shorten the green light duration on Woodroffe, causing traffic to back up. People who want to make a right turn (east bound) to Hunt Club might cut across the bus lane before the dotted line, which will quickly be flagged over to the school parking lot for a bus lane violation ticket, even when the offending vehicles have their right turn signal on all the time with all due intention to make a right turn to Hunt Club. Traffic congestion is usually not a problem when the green light duration is normal. Reports have indicated that during those days when a trap is present, the green light is NOTICEABLY (with emphasis) shortened and maybe only allows 5-6 vehicles through per lane.

Report a Speed Trap in the Ottawa-Hull Region
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