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Should you hire a lawyer?

This is entirely your call. For most drivers with good driving records, a lawyer is not needed. Everyone can defend themselves adequately. The services of a lawyer are not cheap, and you and I are not famous football players. The economics behind it is simple: which way will cost me more down the road? Will saving hundreds of dollars of legal fees worth the risk of paying thousands more in insurance premium surcharges?

Definitely hire a lawyer if:

Hiring a lawyer is highly recommended if:

Hiring a lawyer is a viable option if:

It is a waste of money hiring a lawyer if:

Often, in a minor traffic offence, a paralegal is a much better choice simply because it is a lot cheaper. Traffic offences are not complicated matters so most reputable paralegals can handle it just as well. Some firms even advertise a "No win, don't pay" policy. Wise consumers will read the fine print of what they mean by "win". Sometimes a reduction of points is considered a win, so buyer beware.

You should remember in most traffic cases, lawyers or paralegals rarely go all the way to fight the tickets on your behalf. Plea bargaining saves time, money and is less risky. If you plan to fight it all the way, either crack open the wallet or just represent yourself. I agree a lawyer costing $200 an hour will have the average traffic cop going in circles, but it is not worth it unless money is no object to you.

Recently I had the pleasure of watching a real lawyer fighting his own speeding ticket in court. He literally had the cop in panic as holes in the cop's testimony were exposed one by one, and no procedural matter was left unexploited. But the end result? The lawyer was still convicted because the judge just didn't see fit to buy the lawyer's arguments on that day. The outcome of a trial can be very unpredictable, so be open to plea bargaining options before it becomes too late. And remember lawyers don't always win. If you lose, you pay the fine, take the points, AND pay the lawyer. That's a big hit in your wallet.

Read on, if you don't want to hire someone to represent you. The rest of the material is written for you. If you have decided to hire a lawyer, still read the rest of this site to arm yourself with more information.

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