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Final words

I urge everybody who is reading this page, to fight any speeding tickets you get. Only when we unite we can make this highway robbery system collapse. An overwhelmingly large amount of speeding tickets are being written every year, every month, every day. The government is counting on you to pay up as fast as possible to maximize the cash flow. If the court only has to handle 50 more cases per day - we don't even have to win every one of them - the system is going to be so held up that the province will start to think about the feasibility of writing speeding tickets at all.

This page is written for those who insist on driving at a comfortable, safe, efficient, but illegal speed, and was caught doing so. I am not here to promote driving the public roads at warp speed. If you love to drive excessively fast, please take your car to a race track. If you are late for work, please wake up FIVE minutes earlier the next morning. Irresponsible drivers should face a stiffer penalty than just a monetary fine.

The purpose of this page is nothing unethical. Any person who is charged with an offence - be it a speeding offence or murder - even if he/she really did it - should deserve the best possible defense before a conviction can be entered. Pleading not guilty to an offence which the person really did commit is not lying. He/she is simply exercising his/her constitutional rights. Unfortunately, too many motorists don't know their rights, and are often told that a responsible person should just pay up. But the truth is, responsible people don't fear dealing with the consequences of their own actions, such as going to court to fight a ticket. After you have read this page, please help to spread the message to everyone you know. It's absolutely free.

FYST celebrates 7 year anniversary! I remember during the early years, I had a disgruntled provincial prosecutor who emailed me after reading this page, vowing to take down the site. 7 years from then, FYST has lived on and hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from the information this site has provided. Hopefully 5 years from now, this site is no longer necessary as the current revenue based system is collapsed, replaced by a safety based system. You, the driver, and especially being a hapless victim who is on the wrong end of the revenue stream, can make this happen by simply pleading not guilty to your speeding ticket.

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