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The court date

You can't sleep last night. Because today is your court date. You should not dress too formally when you go to a traffic court. A T-shirt and a pair of jeans will do, as long as they are neat and not torn. Arrive early so you have a chance to study other people's similar traffic cases and learn how court proceedings work if you haven't already done so.

There are a few things you have to remember when you attend a court session:

Unlike the court sessions you normally see in movies, traffic courts are pretty informal. You are expected to be treated leniently, and sometimes you, the judge and the prosecution will involve in 3-way conversations during the trial. Chances are, most of the defendants in the court room know about court procedures less than you. Showing your etiquette in court will impress the judge.

Plea bargain:
In some courts, in order to save time and costs, the prosecution may offer plea bargain prior to the trial. It's your call to accept this. In a plea bargain, you and the prosecution work out what charges satisfy both parties, instead of taking the case through the whole process of a trial. If you want to plea bargain with the prosecution, you may do it after the court opens for admission and before the judge enters the courtroom. Normally, if you are charged reckless driving, you can admit a speeding offence but plead not guilty to the more serious offence. The prosecution may or may not accept this depending on the situation and its evidence. Some courts even allow a speeding charge to be bargained down to a seatbelt violation. I don't think Ontario will accept this, but it happens in the US. After all, they are more interested in your money than anything else. If you agree to pay up in some form or another, they are equally happy.
If you are more concerned with the insurance premium increase, it is better to just take it to court and beat it down. To the insurance industry, it is the number of convictions that counts. Unless you are facing a loss of license, it is worth the risk of rejecting the plea bargain and taking it to trial.

The players:
When you go to court, you have to know who is who and who does what. The players include:

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