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October 1, 1998


By JEFF HARDER - Queen's Park Bureau

TORONTO - Some high-speed drivers are ducking fines and demerit points by taking police-sponsored traffic classes. And Solicitor General Bob Runciman and Transportation Minister Tony Clement are not pleased.

"There are very serious issues," Runciman told the Sun yesterday.

"This has become a revenue stream. My concern is that they are doing this because of budgetary pressures. I don't think the justice system should be utilized for that purpose."

Runciman and Clement may ban the practice. "That is a possibility," Runciman said.

Up to August, Niagara Regional Police, for instance, had grossed $700,000 from the "Option 4" penalty. Under the Highway Traffic Act, police have four options after pulling over a speeding motorist, one of which is offering an offender program in exchange for absolution.

The refresher classes are administered by police forces, which gain from the registration fees.

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